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The stars of NASCAR’s Dash Cup Collection head to Kansas Speedway for this weekend’s STP 400, which goes green on Sunday, April 21st. Signing up for the Cup Collection at Kansas is the Tenting Planet Truck Sequence, competing in the SFP 250 on Saturday, April 20th.

Twilight Canoe Trips – Eden Mill Center Septermber fifteenth, twentieth, twenty second, 26th, & twenty ninth of 2011. Check out the Deer Creek, expertise Alvarez-Demalde, learn simple paddling and considerably far more. Reservations are essential. Price is $8 for each person for nonmembers and $5 per person for associates. Begins at 5:45 pm and ends at about 8 pm.

The local weather in Alaska is perfect for glaciers to type given that there is a lot of snow in the course of the winter and the summers are great so snow gained’t evaporate. Enormous portions of drinking water shaped into glacier ice are trapped within the glacier. There are a lot more than a hundred,000 glaciers in Alaska and they have been discovered to cover 5%twenty five of the state. landscape is plainly formed by glaciers as they carve out canyons and mountains, push rock particles and type moraines and U-shaped valleys.

Lighthouse Stripes are essential to develop the coastal appear then staff with an exciting print and accessories like little boats, fishing nets or previous buoys for an first twist. Giant cushions are merely great for kids to curl up on and vanish into a world of their personal. Buying an Out of doors cushion will also give you the opportunity to get it out with you on times out to the seaside or camping expeditions.

Mount Timpanogas – Some mountains have a really distinctive silhouette and Mount Timpanogas is one of these. Arturo Alvarez Demalde The peak can be seen as it soars more than Utah County, but it is the bottom that has the trails, waterfalls, meadows and genuine beauty. To get to some exceptional trails, just take the short travel earlier Sundance Ski Resort and don’t fail to remember your digicam.

Glacier Bay Nationwide Park in southeastern Alaska has a lot more actively calving glaciers than any location in the entire world. Calving is an approach where the ice breaks off. If you want to see some phenomenal glaciers, you ought to visit this park. Arturo Alvarez Demalde Wonderful blocks of ice that are 200 ft large break loose and crash into the h2o. Drinking water sprouts hundreds of ft into the air from the effect of the ice crashing. You can stay overnight at the Glacier Bay Nationwide Park lodge exactly where a daily vessel tour can just take you to see these resplendent glaciers.

Ian Leaf Ireland

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Ian Leaf Ireland:

Ireland is the third largest Island in Europe. Ireland is considered to be one of the most heavily populated countries within all of Europe. Ireland is now considered a “Free State”. The Northern part of Ireland is now part of the United Kingdom. In the early 1800’s is about the time Northern Ireland became part of the United Kingdom.

Ireland like many countries has experienced many hard times such as famine. However, it seems Ireland has always bounced back and they remain a strong country today. Ireland is a popular tourist attraction.

Ian Leaf will always have a connection to Ireland. Ian Leaf has a favorite quote “catch a fraudster and stop the fraud”. Ian Leaf had become a popular name for his ambitions.

The Irish Sea is situated between Ireland and Great Britain. In 1937 Ireland officially became a republic. Ireland becoming a republic was only possible after a new constitution was adopted and enforced. Ireland is considered very prosperous and it is a country of great wealth.

Between the years 1995-2007 Ireland became prosperous. This twelve year period in Ireland is now referred to as the “Celtic” period. However in 2008 Ireland seemed to suffer a significant financial crisis. After the 2008 crisis in Ireland it seems they once again recovered and they remain quite prosperous and in decent financial shape overall.

The system of Government in Ireland enabled them to nominate certain Government officials without any prior consent from the Irish Parliament. Which many people did not understand nor fully agree with for many obvious reasons.

The United Nations produces something called “The Human Development Index”. The Human Development Index refers to Ireland as one of the most developed countries in the world. Ireland is also a recognized member of the “Council of Europe”. Ireland also became a member of the “Partnership for Peace”.

In the early 1970’s Ireland willingly joined the European Economic Community. Joining the European Economic Community was a smart decision for the country. In 2007 the Lisbon Treaty was signed. It took some time however as of 2014 Ireland is in excellent economic shape and they remain a strong country in general.

Ian Leaf Ireland

Ian Leaf Ireland

The Western part of Ireland is quite scenic and consists of steep cliffs and large mountains. The rugged coastline of Ireland is quite beautiful and seems to continually draw tourists each year. Of course tourism keeps the economy of Ireland in good shape.

The climate in Ireland consists of frequent rainfall and it experiences some chilly and damp weather. However, in general Ireland does experience mild and pleasant temperatures for the majority of the year. Ireland is truly a beautiful place from a tourist standpoint. Most areas of Ireland are generally safe to travel and open to the public. However, like any country there are areas in which you need to exercise caution when traveling.

The natives of Ireland are said to be friendly and hospitable. In addition, they seem to be very welcoming of vacationers and tourists. Northern Ireland which for many years experienced great unrest has seemed to improve over the years. Relations with inhabitants of Northern Ireland are much improved in comparison to recent years.

Ian Leaf Dublin

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Ian Leaf Dublin

Tourist Information About Dublin Ireland

Advice When Visiting Dublin.
The biggest city in Ireland, Dublin offers travelers much to do and see. Elaborate cathedrals, historical museums, a wide variety of golf clubs, theatres, centres, and many things for families to enjoy together. Guaranteed to keep everyone happy, just the amazing scenery is worth a trip to Dublin. With it’s rolling hillsides and babbling brooks, as well as the colorful foliage. This is a great place for photo enthusiasts to get some amazing pictures. As Ian Andrews quoted “Dublin is a contemporary and historical platform for education, administration, the arts, industry and economy.” Some travelers choose to site see on their own, where as others hire a tour guide to show them around town. Whatever your preference, some people like venturing out on their own. And there are those who would rather a scheduled tour, especially if it’s their first time.

Famous Tourist Attractions in the Dublin Area:

* Site # 1: – The Number Twenty-Nine museum, features an elaborate four story town house. Fully decorated to relive the early eighteenth century lifestyle. From the tapestries to it’s unique paintings, they even have a baby nursery with antique dolls and toys. Giving it a perfect touch, bringing visitors back in time.

*Site # 2: – The Phoenix Park, is a beautiful enclosed park with wondrous sights to see. With over one thousand acres of lush green hillsides, free roaming deer in the forests, pastures of grazing farm animals, ornamental gardens, and nature trails. Perfect for those who have a love for nature and the outdoor environment.

Ian Leaf Dublin

Ian Leaf Dublin

*Site # 3: – The Olympia Theatre, offers visitors a wide variety of entertainment. For a more sophisticated audience the Olympia features shows in a Victorian styled music hall. Some of which are ballets, concerts, musicals, operettas, live bands, comedies, and dramas.

*Site # 4: Kylemore Karting, perfect for those big kids at heart. This large indoor karting arena features hills, banked corners, and comes equipped with a highly skilled race team. Giving visitors the feel of being a true race car driver.

*Site # 5: – St. Stephen’s Green Park, is twenty-two acres of some of the most beautiful flowers and trees in Dublin. Take a stroll by the lake or gaze at their wondrous fountains scattered throughout the park. And during the Summertime patrons can enjoy free concerts in the morning.

Motels and Lodging in Dublin.

When it comes to finding somewhere to stay while visiting, you’ll find that Dublin has numerous motels. For instance, The Westbury Hotel has many spacious rooms available. All of which, says Ian Leaf Dublin come furnished and there are also restaurants, nightclubs, and a fitness suite for patrons to enjoy during their stay. Another fabulous place in which to stay is The InterContinental Dublin Hotel, located off of Simmonscourt Road. With rooms overlooking the wonderful gardens, guests can enjoy the view from the comfort of their rooms.

Come Visit Dublin Ireland.

When trying to decide where you should go on vacation, consider the beautiful city of Dublin. Once someone visits, they leave a changed person. So give it a try, you don’t have nothing to loose.

Ian Andrews Britain

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Ian Andrews Britain

Ian Andrews Britain

Britain is one of the most influential countries in Europe. The nation has been in existence for a long period of time. It has a very long and rich history which has made it stand out from the rest of the countries in Europe. The country is located in the western part of Europe. It has been made up of a number of nice lands.

People in the country speak English and thus being referred as England. The language was first spoken in the country, and it later spread to other parts of the globe. Apart from the language being spoken by the local residence, the country has a good number of similarities with other nations in Europe. The country has one of the best economies in the globe. Beside from that, it has less mortality rate too. This has been facilitated by the availability of well-equipped hospitals in the country. This has also increased life expectancy in the country.

Ian Andrews Britain

Ian Andrews Britain

London is its capital city. The city is considered as the financial hub of the globe. This has been facilitated by the availability of efficient and affordable banking system which can suit a broad range of people around the globe. The city has also attracted many expatriates from various countries because of the available resources.

There are many expatriates in the city, and thus one can easily carry out business activities in the city. This will be facilitated by the fact that the businessperson will be in a better position of getting guidance from expatriates from different segments. By achieving that one will also reduce the operation cost being incurred and thus increase the profit margin of his company. This is one of the reasons why many multinational corporations are currently opening their offices in London.

The country has been putting in place laws and regulation which promote business between the country and other nations in the globe. By doing that, a good number of entrepreneurs have been able to achieve their targets. This has led to the creation of jobs in the country thus reducing the poverty level in the country by a big fraction.

The city has also attracted many rich people across the globe. By doing that the country has befitted a lot since a good number of them have relocated to the country and thus bringing a lot of cash with them. By so doing the local economy has improved a lot.

The main reason why many wealthy people are coming from other countries is because of the tax system put in place by the government. Ian Andrews Britain tends to favor the rich people. These are some of the factors, Ian Andrews believes, which have made the country of Britain experience economic growth in the past years.

Beside from the stable economy of the country the nation has been able to shine in other segments too. The nation is home to a good number of people who have changed the globe. Some of them include Shakespeare and The Beatles. Ian Edmund Andrews was also born and raised in Britain. Ian is a former footballer well known for his excellent performance in a good number of matches. He played for many clubs in the country as a goalkeeper.

Britain also controls a good portion of the global trade despite from its site. The nation has been participating in global commerce for a number of years. Over the years they have been able to learn a lot about the activity thus being in a better position of trading well. It has also formed a number of trade blocks with some of the countries across the globe with the same interest.

The country has been a blessing a good number of nations which are still developing. Britain has been sending a good amount of aid to various nations which need support. By doing that, the country has created good relationship with many governments across the globe. Beside from sending aid the country has also been sending expatriates to help other governments to solve many issues being faced certain countries. Such activities have played a major role in making the globe a good place. This is because the lives of many people have been improved thus promoting economic growth and self-dependence among various nations.

The main reason for forming a trade block is so as to promote the business being carried out by the countries. The member will put no barriers in their borders. Apart from that, entities from other countries will not have to pay tax when trading with their fellow nations. This has been of great help to many countries including Britain since it has promoted economic activities among the members. Apart from that, it has also promoted peace and togetherness among many nations. This is because the countries depend on each other for particular products.

Darren Pawski has 7 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Darren Pawski has 7 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Darren Pawski has 7 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The managing director of Synergy Financial Services speaks out 7 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Synergy Financial Solutions is a boutique service provider for professional and personalized approach towards all facets of finances of different entities with their future goals in mind.
1. Prefer to be Thorough
Prefer to be thorough in developing an idea, return to the concept and revise it a several times over before you can feel to implement it in any way. In his perspective, Darren argues that a thorough plan is key to the overall success of a venture and if you can nail it from the onset, then you are fixed.
2. Don’t hesitate to take the risk
You never know the outcome of a risky effort unless you take a calculated risk to perform an effort. One of the biggest reason to succeed is to go against the status quo.
3. Be a visionary
An entrepreneur should always have a clear vision to achieve something. A person without a vision is like a ship without a sense of direction in the mind of its captain. This vision should latter on be effectively shared with other members of the company and a sense of harmony should be developed throughout an organization.
4. Share your financial risks
Risk sharing, as Darren advises, is very important. You need to look for interested sleeping partners or active business men for financial help instead relying completely on your own savings. This way if the startup fails you avoid major personal financial disaster. On the other hand, if the startup succeeds all the partners in the business enrich the company decision making and financial environment of the company.
5. Widen your scope to find investors
If there hurdles in setting up or development of the business seek beyond the traditional loans from banks. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and if you are rejected for a loan from a bank, don’t think it’s the end of the world.
6. Never rule out financial management
Never mix your personal finances with your business financial operations. It is a recipe for disaster in the long run. If you are not able to manage your person finances, it is very likely that you will find it hard to manage the finances of your business also. Bad financial habits do not go away easily. Even if you have hired a financial controller or a chartered accountant for your company you still need to learn good practices for effective financial management as the company owner.
7. Price your launched product or service adequately
When setting a price for a newly launched product or service, make sure that it is neither overpriced or underpriced. Be on the look for new price trends in the market like a watchdog while keeping an eye on your business costs at the same time. If you and your marketing team decides to compete on price for your newly launched product or service in a cut throat market than never ignore your business expenses.

Ian Leaf United Kingdom

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Ian Leaf’s Perspective On The United Kingdom

Ian Leaf Corporation founded by Ian Leaf has been around for over three decades informing the public of the latest scams being employed by con artists, but that is not the only thing that Ian Leaf does. He loves to see the world in all its glory, and he wants to know that the country can be enjoyed by every person who appears on its shores. The country is a place where you can see all that is bright and beautiful as you travel from one end to the other. The nation has many different parts you should try to see, and you need to start thinking about how you will see all these amazing places.

The Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles are the islands that sit off the southern coast where you can visit for a holiday. They are not the only islands off the coast, and the Isle of Man is another that you might want to visit. You can take a ferry from the isles over to the coast, and you can begin your trek up the United Kingdom to enjoy all that it offers.


London is a place where you will see millions of people moving around at all times fo the day or night. It has been featured in TV and movies many times over, and the prime minister every lives at 10 Downing Street. You can enjoy the different communities of the city that range from Chelsea to Hammersmith, and you are in the south of England where you can drive to the west to get to Wales, or you can take the M1 north to drive the length of the island.


Wales is a forested and beautiful place that sits on the west coast of the island, and the official language is still Welsh to this day. You will see many small communities that are among the forests, but Cardiff is one of the most modern cities in the world. You can head up the island from there, and you will land in Blackpool which is one of the most popular seaside destinations in the country. Anyone who simply drives up the coast from London will run into some nice districts.

The Lake District

The lake district is a place that has many lakes all stacked atop each other. You will find many different inns and lodges near the lakes, and you will have a tranquil drive through the area as the roads are made to bend to the will of the road. This is a nice place to go when you want to get away from it all. You are in the middle of a large area that is hidden away from the rest of the island, and you will feel like you are in a place that came from a movie set. These places are easy to find in movies because the area is so picturesque.


Moving into York from the south of England will take you to the place where they set Downton Abbey, and you will find yourself in a homely place where agriculture and industry rules. The many cities in the north are fun to visit because you will find history that you will be intrigued by. The bombing in World War II did not reach the north, and you will see things like the Durham Cathedral before you make your way into Scotland.


Scotland wants to be its own country, but they have not yet moved away from the UK. They have rolling hills and their own historic cities like Edinburgh. The Balmoral Hotel is a place where JK Rowling wrote one of her Harry Potter books, and it stands over the city looking at everything as it passes judgement from its high tower. It is a beautiful and fantastic place to come to see the city. Scotland will end on the water where you can take a ferry across to some more islands that you will enjoy.

The Orkney Islands

The Orkneys sit at the top of the UK where you can take the ferry and sit in a small bungalow that will keep you away from the rest of the world. You deserve to have a nice place to stay that will let you enjoy a fun holiday, and you should remember that the Orkneys are just a short trip on the boat away. It is a popular destination, and it is a place that you can go in the winter when you want to see the frigid waters of the Atlantic lap at the shore. You will feel like you are in a classic novel, and you will enjoy being away from the city.

Everything about the United Kingdom is exciting when you are trying every region for its greatest highlights.

Ian Andrews Dublin

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Ian Andrews Dublin

Ian Andrews Dublin

Ian Andrews Shares Information About Dublin, Ireland

Ian Andrews Dublin

Ian Andrews Dublin

Ian Andrews says that “Dublin is a contemporary and historical platform for education, administration, the arts, industry and economy.” He is right because the city is the center of commerce and progress in Ireland. The country is a green island that has many places where you can access art and culture, and you need to head to many different parts of the city that will help you have the best experience. Ireland is a place that gives you everything from the softest of accents to the best of art and culture. Music is a major part of the island, and the people keep their culture alive every day by living open and active lives.

What Is The Art Like?

Dublin has a beautiful art museum that will get you acquainted with art that has been created in the country, and the city has several smaller collections that will help you see what the local artists of the day are doing. The youth of the community are interested in art, and they support these galleries by visiting every day.

What About The Music?

Music in the community is amazing because the Celtic culture is alive and well. Many people still speak the language, and the traditional music of the culture is played in pubs every night. People go into these pubs because they want to see something that reminds them of the old Ireland, and they want to know that their heritage will live on long after they are gone.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world built in 1191. The city has grown around it ever since, but it is still there were you cannot miss it. It is a beacon that will call out to you when you are in the city, and it is a place where you can worship with other revelers, or you can come there to see the magnificent history that is located there. You will find a lot more than just an old building. You will find history that will change your perspective on life.

Dublin Castle

You will revel in the majesty of Dublin Castle when you come near it. It is not the only castle on the island, but it is one of the few that has been left standing. It sits in the city as if it belongs there among all the modern buildings, and it gives you a place that will ground you. You will feel like you are seeing all the history of the city through the eyes of an aristocrat when you come to the castle, and you will appreciate that the castle allows you every chance to learn something new about Dublin.

St. Stephen’s Green And Phoenix Park

These two parks are so large that you cannot miss them, and they give you a needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The city is so busy that you need to relax every now and then, and you will have that chance in these two parks. The people who live in the city visit these parks every day, and you will learn to appreciate and enjoy the way the city has given you green space. You will find people with their pets in the park, and you might run into a musician you can listen to for much of the day.

The National Museum

The National Museum of Ireland will give you an education in what Ireland was long ago. It will teach you about an Ireland that is completely different from what you see today, but it will help you understand how it got that way. The progression of the city of Dublin from the ancients to today is important, and you will learn it all in one place.

Dublin Zoo

The Dublin Zoo is a place where you can check in with the animals they have there every time you visit. This is a beautiful place in Phoenix Park where you come to see the animals, learn about zoology and learn what it means to care for the animals that have been entrusted to them. The zoo is a great place for people to come with their kids, and you will enjoy the way it feels when you are in the zoo and learning about the animals while the city sits behind you with all its history.

The person who wants to come to Dublin for a good time will find more than just an old city with people who have an Irish accent. You will find so much to learn about Ireland that you will want to come back time and again. You deserve to learn about the city in a way that is enlightening, and you will find yourself realizing that there is more depth ti Ireland than you thought.

Ian Leaf Fraud

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Ian Leaf Fraud VideoIan Leaf is essentially a fraud specialist. In addition, Ian Leaf is the founder of the Ian Leaf Corporation. Ian Leaf is convinced that the foundation as well as all the hard work and effort he was contributed has ultimately made Chicago a safer place.

Leaf had begun investigating various forms of fraud as well as scams back in the mid 1980’s. Ian Leaf convinced himself that it was his duty alone to protect consumers from fraud. Therefore, in 1997 the Ian Leaf Corporation was formed.

Leaf has made it known that advances in technology make it easier to keep the public informed about various fraud schemes that are easily carried out by professional fraudsters. When Ian Leaf discovers new scams he does his best to make the public aware. The belief is that keeping the public informed of fraudulent activities and schemes, the public will be able to distinguish between a fraudulent scheme and a legitimate one.

Leaf recently uncovered a rental scam within the Chicago area. Therefore, Leaf was able to expose the fraudulent practices to the public by reporting his findings to the Chicago Tribune. Of course once something hits the newspapers the public becomes aware very quickly.

Ian Leaf has also published Blogs in an attempt to keep the public aware of deliberate as well as unintentional fraud. One Blog in particular that received a great deal of attention was the Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Blog.

The Blog that Ian Leaf published concerning tax fraud keeps the public informed on how to avoid committing tax fraud while filing income tax returns. The Blog was quite informative due to the fact that most people may be committing fraudulent activity while filing income tax without even realizing that they are doing so.

Leaf has convinced many people that simple “Fraud” can happen at any time anywhere in the country. No one is exempt from fraud. Leaf has been quite successful with his message that it is becoming more difficult for some fraudsters to steal from individuals, families and corporations.

Ian Leaf has said that the success of his organization could not have been possible without the help of his friend Ian Andrews. Basically, the Ian Leaf Corporation would not have turned out to be the successful organization that it became without the help and assistance of Ian Andrews.

Many fraud practices and reviews through the help of Leaf are now being published on social networking web sites such as Twitter. It is very easy to follow a persons message and information about a particular topic by logging on to Twitter as often as possible.

Ian Leaf recently uncovered fraud taking place on Instagram, Facebook and other networking web sites. Leaf has published his concerns and possible solutions to keep yourself safe from fraudsters while on Instagram and Facebook. One very simple solution to keeping yourself safe while on an Internet forum such as Facebook is not to accept friend requests from total strangers.

Accepting friend requests from people whom you never met can open a person up to exposing very personal information to strangers. Once personal information gets into the hands of fraudsters just about anything can happen. Identity theft can possibly occur by releasing too much personal information to total strangers.

Ian Leaf has used experiences that people had on that ultimately exposed them to fraud and other illegal practices. Leaf published specific instances that individuals had on Amazon that did constitute fraud.

Manipulating specific product reviews on Amazon can constitute fraud and will ultimately hurt the consumer in a variety of ways. Leaf has extensively focused on use of social media. Leaf continually stresses the importance of staying alert so you do not become a victim of fraud while using one or more of social networking web sites available to everyone.

Ian Leaf has revealed at has show that linking various social media accounts can protect a person from fraud. There are ways that an individual can easily link all on line social media accounts to prevent fraud. In addition, always keep in mind if an offer sounds too good to be true then it is probably not true. Exercising certain principles and tools can assist in protecting individuals in becoming victims of on line fraud schemes.

Finally, Ian Leaf is a definite contributor in a variety of ways. Leaf studied fraud practices for a number of years before forming his own organization. Leaf learned fairly quickly that so many people in the world are victimized by fraudsters and the victim may not even realize that they have taken advantage of until months later.

For more information, please contact us.

Ian Leaf Dublin

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Ian Leaf Dublin

Ian Leaf DublinDublin is the biggest and capital town in Ireland. On Ireland’s east coast, Dublin is located in the area of Leinster extending to the mouth of the River Liffey. Dublin urban region is populated with around 1,345,402 people. The Greater Dublin region contains 1,904,806 people according to the 2016 census. Dublin is established by a great settlement of Vikings. Following the Norman invasion, Dublin eventually became the principal town in Ireland. The town of Dublin developed rapidly from the seventeenth century. Before the Acts of Union in 1800, Dublin developed to become the second biggest town in the British Empire. In 1922, there was the partition of Ireland and Dublin remains the capital region of the Irish Free State, which later became Ireland. The City Council remains the governing body of any operation in Dublin.

The Globalization and World Cities Research Network listed Dublin as a great international town. In fact, the ranking by GaWC gave Dublin an Alpha rating. This ranking placed Dublin among the thirty towns in the globe. Dublin is a contemporary and historical platform for education, administration, the arts, industry and economy. Since prehistoric times, the region of Dublin Bay has been operated by humans. The earliest reference to the Dublin settlement is traced back to about 140AD from the writing of Ptolemy. The settlement was called then Elbana polis in Greek. In 1988 AD, the city celebrated its official millennium. This simply implies that the Irish government approved 988 AD as the period and year that the town settled. This early settlement later became the town of Dublin. This also follows the Ian Leaf Dublin quotes. The Gaelic word called Dublind gave rise to the city known as Dublin. The Ian Leaf Dublin quote states that the meaning of the town is dark, black and pool. It simply means a dark tidal pool. This is where the River Poddle moved into the Liffey on the region of the castle garden near the Dublin Castle.


Marlon Kobacker’s Alma Mater Develops Flexible Solar Cells

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zero energy photo

Marlon Kobacker

A researcher at the University of New South Wales is on the cutting edge of developing solar technology. Dr. Xiaojing Hao’s research team has created a solar cell that is thin enough to be deployed in zero energy buildings. More importantly, however, her team has developed these panels not with rare minerals but the most common metals and materials: Copper, zinc, tin, and sulphur. For a Photovoltaic Engineer like Marlon Kobacker, Hao’s breakthrough is exciting. No longer are zero energy buildings an impossible pipe dream, either because of the lack of technology or the lack of funds. With this new, low-cost technology, solar architectural options ar

e going to be almost limitless.