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Ian Andrews is best friends with Ian Leaf. Andrews and Leaf are known as bank and city corporation fraud detectives. Though fraudsters try to scam people through tax fraud and other home related crimes (HFC remains big!), Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews remain vigilant to stop these criminals!

Marlon Kobacker’s Alma Mater Develops Flexible Solar Cells

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zero energy photo

Marlon Kobacker

A researcher at the University of New South Wales is on the cutting edge of developing solar technology. Dr. Xiaojing Hao’s research team has created a solar cell that is thin enough to be deployed in zero energy buildings. More importantly, however, her team has developed these panels not with rare minerals but the most common metals and materials: Copper, zinc, tin, and sulphur. For a Photovoltaic Engineer like Marlon Kobacker, Hao’s breakthrough is exciting. No longer are zero energy buildings an impossible pipe dream, either because of the lack of technology or the lack of funds. With this new, low-cost technology, solar architectural options ar

e going to be almost limitless.

Behrman PR Reviews Strategies for Ensuring Continuity in Business

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woman-hand-smartphone-deskThe Behrman PR team is regarded as one of the most effective firms when it comes to matters of building a brand or promoting a business in the kind of way that generates unparalleled success, which is why there is such persistent interest in understanding the specific set of strategies employed by the PR company to yield these kind of results on such an incredibly consistent basis. While there are undoubtedly an untold number of factors contributing to the firm’s 30-year run of success, one of the most obvious and most critical has to be the firm’s ability to maintain continuity among team members and its focus on mentoring new team members.

It should be quite clear that continuity starts with personnel, so the fact that Nancy Behrman has been in charge of operations for the firm’s entire existence is a large part of the reason why clients of Behrman Communications are able to feel so confident in working with the firm over and over again. It’s not just the leadership at the top of the firm that ensures continuity, as the entirety of the Behrman PR team has benefited from the fact that the more experienced members of the team are strongly encouraged to mentor new additions in such a way that the company’s identity and approach can remain consistent for many years to come.

It’s worth noting that there has to be some incentive put in place to ensure team members want to stay with the company and develop a sense of loyalty so they are eventually able to become mentors for the next generation of newcomers. This is achieved with relative ease, as most professionals are loyal to those who exhibit a sense of fairness and are willing to support team members in the kind of way that ensures their continued professional success.

Reviewing the Necessity of Consistent Medical and Dental Care

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17327-a-doctor-and-couple-talking-pvWith so many businesses seemingly aiming to take advantage of their customers by aggressively promoting certain products and services as necessary when they could be more accurately described as extraneous, many people find themselves adopting a mindset in which they immediately question the necessity of any service, even those provided by the medical and dental industries. As Dr. Sid Solomon would likely point out to these individuals, preventive medical and dental care remains absolutely necessary and should therefore not be shirked by patients whose default reaction is to question anything that is defined as a necessary service.

Dentists and doctors often treat patients dealing with issues that could have been rectified quickly and easily had it been addressed at an earlier date. In fact, many serious consequences stem from patients simply failing to seek the kind of consistent medical and dental care that is often capable of preventing these more serious issues from arising in the first place. This is why so many medical and dental professionals are so insistent when it comes to maintaining regular appointments, as this is the most effective way to prevent difficult circumstances from adversely affecting their patients.

While most patients feel healthy and may legitimately believe that everything is all right and a physical or a check-up is completely unnecessary, the failure to seek preventive care only guarantees that reactive care will be the only strategy available. Doctors and dentists are obviously more than capable of treating patients already dealing with a medical or dental issue, but it should be clear that it is simply best for all of the parties involved that patients to commit to seeking preventive care on a consistent basis.

Behrman Communications Reviews Strategies for Achieving Longevity in Business

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When Behrman Communications was founded over 30 years ago by Nancy Behrman, it was abundantly clear that the company and its founder recognized that there was no path to exceptional longevity that included simply abiding by a status quo set by an industry that had clearly become stale. Ms. Behrman, often described by her industry peers as a trailblazer nonpareil, has always been completely confident in the use of the highly innovative techniques and daring strategies that have since become so closely associated with the company that any similar approach is often described as the Behrman PR approach.

After recently celebrating 30 years in the public relations and brand building industry, it seems more than appropriate to take the opportunity to review the reasons why Behrman Communications has been able to achieve such a significant degree of longevity in one of the most competitive industries around. It should be quite evident that the firm’s initial success was the direct result of its founder’s willingness to challenge established practices and to adopt a wholly unique approach in serving clients of Behrman Communications, but a company does not remain an industry leader for more than 30 years based solely on the initial results it was able to achieve.

Perhaps the most clear reason why Behrman Communications has been such a PR and brand building industry mainstay is not only its ability to innovate but also its willingness to adapt. At no point has Nancy Behrman allowed her company to become complacent in its approach, and it is quite clear that clients of Behrman Communications understand that the PR firm is entirely focused on developing innovative practices to ensure that its clients are able to benefit from an exceptional public relations and brand building campaign

Investors Underground Reviews Value of Supportive Community

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business-1137367_960_720It’s not always the case that the approach used to great success by one company will yield similar results for another, especially when that company operates in an industry that is drastically different in any number of ways. Investors Underground, a day trading community that provides a wide variety of educational services and investment tools to its members, believes that even companies in disparate industries can benefit from the support of an online community by simply making some minor adjustments.

The most obvious benefit of membership with Investors Underground is likely to be the access to a tremendous amount of support from other members as well as through the educational offerings so frequently provided by the company. This is something that is universally beneficial and can be easily adapted by any business seeking to improve its offerings while providing something of clear value to consumers.

Ian Leaf— Fraudster Patrol Online

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Watching for fraudster activity is like sitting in your yard watching the grass grow—things are happening, but you just can’t see it happening. When you’re an online watch for scams and fraud, even with tax, you have to remain patient and not allow yourself to be distracted. Ian Leaf has been the master of fraudster work due to his days as a major force to be reckoned with by fraudsters and scammers alike. Mr. Leaf has said to have spent the past 10 years studying fraudster activity and another 5 to 10 years fighting against it by warning others and making them aware.

“The guy is a genius I’d say,” said Tim Rodgers, online crime watcher and partner of Ian Leaf, fraudster detective, “I truly feel sorry for the guys that aren’t on his side. They are the ones he’s after.” Although Ian Leaf doesn’t guarantee the capture of fraudsters, he does guarantee the malicious plans of evil fraudsters have will be exploited and released to the public to make themselves more aware of what is going on day by day even though they cannot see it.

Dealing with the public is no easy task and matter. You have countless hundreds of thousands of people who are depending on you to come through with solid proof, evidence and with a fix to their problem. The only problem is that doing to kind of work takes time to make well sure the right person has been found out for fraud and there are no accidents and ruining of an innocent person’s reputation.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge: “Ian Leaf’s Fraud, Fraudsters and Scams – What to Watch for on Instagram”

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If you want any chance of staying safe from scams and scammers, you have to constantly be a few steps ahead of their games. This isn’t something that you can do unless you have studied these types of people and their ideas for many many years as I have. I have devoted much of my life to research and study in order to protect the security of people just like you and I. The result of this study brings into creation my newest book, “Ian Leaf’s Fraud, Fraudsters and Scams – What to Watch for on Instagram”.

51An0WHkmDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Let’s face the facts, folks. Social media was an interesting idea back in 2005 and it grew fast coming into 2008. Now that it is 2015, social media has become a monster-sized corporation where you can find just about anyone and everyone. Do you realize what this means? The more fish in a pond, the easier the catch. Fraudsters have been praying on social media for years and their tricks are getting more and more clever. It’s up to you to protect yourself, but how?

In my book, “Ian Leaf’s Fraud, Fraudsters and Scams – What to Watch for on Instagram,” I give you the fundamentals of what to look for on social media, not just on Instagram, to ensure you are secure. No one is going to protect you except for you and no one is responsible for your own security than yourself. This book gives you the skills I have learned over many years in just a few pages and with a few hours of reading. Not a bad trade off, is it?

“Ian Leaf’s Fraud, Fraudsters and Scams – What to Watch for on Instagram” is available for purchase on Amazon and makes a great gift as the Christmas holiday draws ever closer. Interview with Ian Leaf

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My hard work has seemed to pay off! After busting countless scams, scammers, frauds and fraudsters, people begin to notice and give you recognition for it. Just to clarify, recognition isn’t at all what this blog is about. My blog serves the purpose of keeping the public informed of tricks and traps; it only takes one to ruin a life.

Around the middle of this year, I was called into an interview with and I was highly excited, not to mention caught off guard completely as I didn’t expect this. I am a huge fan of and I read their site on my lunch breaks occasionally simply because they are a genuine website with some fascinating people who have built dreams into reality or have overcame. It’s a really inspiring website that I’d recommend.


Ian Leaf HFC Working To Bust Insurance Fraud

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insurance word on business folder showing risk management concept


As I have written in a recent post, there are many types of scams and frauds and the list is growing every year. Among those many fraud types, insurance fraud can also be broken down into subcategories. Think of it as folders on a computer.

Fraud would be the parent folder and it would look something like this:

— Identity theft
— Payment fraud
— Mobile Payment Fraud
— Online Payment Fraud
— Insurance fraud
— Hard fraud
— Soft fraud

Not the most accurate illustration, but you should get the gist of it.

What exactly is insurance fraud? To put it bluntly, insurance fraud is when someone makes a false claim intended for financial gain. Some people could give fake information in order to gain money. The insurers can counteract this by denying benefits rightly entitled to their consumers.

Ian Leaf HFC is a department that focuses on studying the methods used by cons and busting their schemes. From what the departments gathered in their a report, all “subcategories” of fraud can be rated as hard or soft fraud.

Hard Fraud, as you may would suspect, is more of a threat and taken very seriously. Hard fraud is the active, deliberate planning or acting on a planned fraud.

Soft fraud is fraud that is a bit more difficult to catch. Often times, the people who commit this level of fraud have no intention of frauding. It occurs when someone begins telling fibs on insurance claims so they can acquire benefits that they wouldn’t have otherwise from their employer.

Ian Leaf People Caught Out By Scams

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Admit it, you’ve had a run it with some suspicious behavior before. According to Ian Leaf, at least 7 in 10 consumers have gotten caught up with what could be a “potentially fraudulent offer,” and some of those people, about 12%, actually fell for the evil scheme.

The other 88% says they have never reported the fraud activity most likely because they didn’t know who to report to or they were shy.

The type of prey fraudsters like are those who are elderly. The old and wise are 30% more likely to have fallen for a scam within the past 5 years and lost money than most people ranging from ages 25-40s.

Statistics show that while women are the main targets for schemes, men were targeted more so than women were depending on level of education and level of income.

Of course, we all know what the oldest trick in the book is. That’s right, the lottery trick. At some point, you or someone you know has gotten a random call saying that they are the winner of a random drawing or have won the lottery. It’s a trick that has been used for years.