Ian Leaf Scam and Computer Fraud Activity

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In these days, threats are growing to be more and more real, especially as the computers take over more of our lives and way we do business and interact with each other.

Hackers, also known as cyber hijackers, are highly skilled professionals who have turned to the darkside in an effort to unrighteously gain access to your identity, accounts and even money. For those of you who think hackers are kids, this isn’t the 1980’s anymore. Hacking takes some serious skill today.

What is even more scary is that your computer could be taken over without you ever knowing. You could be the victim right now. How do you know you aren’t?

Like with all scams, tricks, fraud and theft, Ian Leaf teaches the best way to protect yourself from it and avoid it altogether is to educate yourself on the matter.

Scams done through the cyberspace (the computer) are known as computer fraudulent activity and it’s not as popular of a fraud as it once was in the past. In the 1980’s computer fraud was abundant because it wasn’t nearly as secure in those days. Today, we have encryption, passwords and specialized programs to protect our beloved machines.

The best of the worst outcome from a computer fraud, or any fraud for that matter, is having some of your money stolen. The worst thing to come from fraud is identity theft. This is becoming more common, sadly, and it is a wrong that isn’t easy to make right.

About Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews is best friends with Ian Leaf. Andrews and Leaf are known as bank and city corporation fraud detectives. Though fraudsters try to scam people through tax fraud and other home related crimes (HFC remains big!), Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews remain vigilant to stop these criminals!