Top 5 Online Testing Tools

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With a vast array of seemingly endless options, sifting through options for software testing tools available online is no easy task. Although this makes it especially difficult to identify the ideal testing tool for a specific purpose, it also means that a highly specialized online testing tool is very likely to be available for use. In order to alleviate the difficulty of searching for an online software testing tool that fits the needs of your software development process and organizational goals, we have identified five of the absolute best options currently available, including:

  • qTest by QASymphony
  • OpenHallway
  • Loop11
  • QuestBase
  • TryMyUI

Each of these online software testing tools utilizes a unique and innovative approach, designed specifically for easing the difficulty associated with testing while making the entire testing process more efficient and more effective.

  1. QASymphony

Software development teams seeking a SaaS based software testing tool capable of streamlining the testing documentation and management process can benefit significantly from the test management platform qTest, made available through QASymphony. Purpose built for Agile development teams, QASymphony has succeeded in making the test management process and delivery of high-quality software far more efficient through centralizing test case management, offering actionable real-time reporting, native integrations with automation tools and ALMs such as JIRA, all the while offering a user-friendly interface that is lighting fast. qTest by QASymphony is ideal for both small testing and development teams, but is best known for it’s Enterprise capabilities for larger, more globally dispersed teams.

  1. OpenHallway

OpenHallway’s usability testing tool is remarkably simple yet remains highly effective, making it an excellent option for those in need of constructive and relevant data regarding the usability of a specific website or application. Moving away from theoretical discussions of the components that make a website or application simple and straightforward to use, OpenHallway provides actual data demonstrating how a visitor to a website or user of an application interacts with the platform. This web-based testing tool is itself simple and straightforward, providing users with an outstanding testing tool offering actionable data.

  1. Loop11

Loop11 is an interesting and effective online testing tool designed for usability testing. This online testing tool is completely web-based and requires no additional software, which allows users to perform their test remotely. While there are quite a few online testing tools designed specifically for testing usability, Loop11 makes its possible for users to test the usability of their competitor’s websites as well. The valuable information Loop11 offers can be accessed with exceptional ease, with the web-based tool providing users with both qualitative and quantitative data.

  1. QuestBase

The time demands placed on teachers and trainers seems to have increased at an exponential rate over the past 10 to 15 years or so, which is why online testing tools like QuestBase are received so well by those operating in these professions. Rigorous assessments can be designed in just a few minutes, with QuestBase enabling users to customize their quizzes and tests while also automating the grading process.

  1. TryMyUI

TryMyUI’s tagline — “Get the user’s view” — is an astonishingly accurate description of its online testing tool. Users of TryMyUI are able to create their own test and can select the specific demographics they wish to target with a specific test. Once created, the targeted users’ interaction with the site is recorded with both audio and video, allowing the tester to immediately act on the relevant data these users provide.



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