Ian Andrews Leaf is a tech enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a talented photographer, a blogger, an artist, and author. He has a strong connection with technology. Over the years, he has shown tremendous interest in technology. For Ian Andrews, tech reviews cannot get out of his hand.

He is as passionate about technology and travel. He has authored numerous books associated with the technology, finance, banking, travel and online security.

As a traveling photographer, Ian Andrews loves to see the world and document precious moments in people’s lives. He loves to tag his work as Ian Andrews Switzerland, Ian Andrews Dublin, Ian Andrews Ireland, etc. depending on where he has been lately. He usually spends time on international tours and running Ian Leaf Art, the newest Ian Andrews Corporation.

He has several technology projects under the Ian Andrews Corporation including tech reviews, and tech-inspired mortgage lending. Ian Andrews Leaf is also the author of “Ian Leaf’s Fraud, Fraudsters, and Scams – What to Watch for on Instagram,” a guide for entrepreneurs on the best ways to use Instagram for business growth. It gives advisory on ways to respond to changing online trends, especially social media.

The guide contains all the information you need to get started and run successful marketing campaigns. It also guides you on how to keep clear of common traps and frauds on social media.

Ian Andrews is a technology and business mentor. He is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs to learn the ropes in the technology and financial services industries. He is in a distinct position to advise new business owners on matters related to technology, online security, banking, tax compliance, and travel. He informs you on the point of information through experience. Ian Andrews demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the financial industry.

Ian Andrews is adept at assisting businesses to evaluate their technology platforms to ensure consumer protection. He is not just interested in how technology shapes business, but also how people shape how technology empowers them. He believes that technology is only good for you if you can know how to use it as a strategic advantage.

Ian Andrews’s first stab at tech was when he incorporated tech in the mortgage industry. Home Funding Corporation, a company he founded and a successful subprime lender with broad interests in the UK and Ireland, was a fusion of mortgage and technology. Though he later sold the company, Ian continues to serve as a consultant for the firm. He also serves as a business consultant for numerous other companies such as Eunoia and City Corporation.

Ian Andrews ignited his natural-born entrepreneurial spirit when he was in high school. He started out by selling wooden gift boxes to his friends. He then launched an education-technology delivery company that distributed learning materials through mail order. He empowered students to make money, improve their learning skills and opened up tutoring opportunities for them.

He later landed a lucrative deal and sold the company. He learned to manage the different aspects of a successful business at an early age. This includes sales, accounting, customer care, compliance, and marketing strategies. While his friends played outdoors and enjoyed their youth, he was busy growing another business.

Eventually, he sold the business as well and went on to work as a consultant for the new investor. This exposed him to the workings of the corporate world. He landed a new mentor who taught him a lot about winning in business. Ian Andrews adopts a winning strategy to business and finance. He is not afraid to try out a new promising business venture, and take it to profitability.

He provides stellar advice on tax compliance and innovative ways to prevent fraud. He is also associated with the Ian Leaf Corporation. Under this stable, you will find Ian Andrews Ireland Ian Andrews Switzerland, and Ian Andrews Dublin. Ian Andrews is committed to creating awareness about the better use of technology. He reviews a curated collection of topics on technology and its impact on business and society. He covers topics such as tech capitals and trends in development and testing among numerous others.

His experiences enable him to share tips and best practices in tech with the world. Ian Andrews is avid about using technology to grow a business. He remains committed to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to utilize technology to prevent fraud and scams especially online. He gives stellar guidance on technology trends, mortgage banking, financial services, as well as travel.