Ian Andrews Leaf Mailman Scam Exposed

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If you don’t know by now, you probably should; you and your personal information are under attack every day by the number of online scams and fraud through phone calls is going up even still today, according to scam busting expert, Ian Andrews Leaf.

Phishing is kind of an old technique cons have been using since at least the 1980’s and now there are new types of phishing techniques that use audible calls and text messages.

People get smarter and scams continue to change and grow. The “courier scam”, for example, has begun to spread like fire and is catching the unsuspecting people off guard and ready to fall into it’s trap! The scam is really simple and pretty stupid, but it’s so simple that it has been working. The mailman scam requires you to give your bank cards and personal identification numbers (PINs) to a messenger. Yes, people really do fall for this.

How does this get underway? It all begins with a simple fake phone call from a person who says to be working with your bank or the local police office. They will outright lie to you and say that your bank card is in dire need to be replaced ASAP and a courier will be sent to collect it from you. That doesn’t sound very convincing, does it? Oh, it gets better. The person on the other end will reassure you this is serious and a real matter by suggesting that you hang up and call your bank or the police straight away.

The fraudster will stay on the line and pretend to be either someone from your bank or a police officer. You’ll be talking to the con regardless.

About Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews is best friends with Ian Leaf. Andrews and Leaf are known as bank and city corporation fraud detectives. Though fraudsters try to scam people through tax fraud and other home related crimes (HFC remains big!), Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews remain vigilant to stop these criminals!