Ian Leaf Tax Fraud—Unintentional or Not?

Tax fraud can be committed both intentionally and unintentionally. How can it be unintentional? Simply put, the fraudster doesn’t know what they are doing is violating tax laws and committing tax fraud. Even they are unaware, the act is still fraudulent activity and it’s a serious offense that will not be taken lightly.

In case anyone is unsure how tax fraud is done, an individual or even a company can commit a tax fraud if there is a violation of tax laws. Also, failure to file income tax returns or to pay the amount of income that is owed.

Tax returns are to be filled out each year from the months of January—April and failure to do so or to do so correctly will have you charged with tax fraud by the Criminal Investigation.

One of the ways you can get in trouble with tax fraud is by misrepresenting your income editing numbers on the tax return form.

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