Interview with Ian Leaf

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My hard work has seemed to pay off! After busting countless scams, scammers, frauds and fraudsters, people begin to notice and give you recognition for it. Just to clarify, recognition isn’t at all what this blog is about. My blog serves the purpose of keeping the public informed of tricks and traps; it only takes one to ruin a life.

Around the middle of this year, I was called into an interview with and I was highly excited, not to mention caught off guard completely as I didn’t expect this. I am a huge fan of and I read their site on my lunch breaks occasionally simply because they are a genuine website with some fascinating people who have built dreams into reality or have overcame. It’s a really inspiring website that I’d recommend.


About Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews is best friends with Ian Leaf. Andrews and Leaf are known as bank and city corporation fraud detectives. Though fraudsters try to scam people through tax fraud and other home related crimes (HFC remains big!), Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews remain vigilant to stop these criminals!