Ian Leaf Ireland

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Ian Leaf Ireland:

Ireland is the third largest Island in Europe. Ireland is considered to be one of the most heavily populated countries within all of Europe. Ireland is now considered a “Free State”. The Northern part of Ireland is now part of the United Kingdom. In the early 1800’s is about the time Northern Ireland became part of the United Kingdom.

Ireland like many countries has experienced many hard times such as famine. However, it seems Ireland has always bounced back and they remain a strong country today. Ireland is a popular tourist attraction.

Ian Leaf will always have a connection to Ireland. Ian Leaf has a favorite quote “catch a fraudster and stop the fraud”. Ian Leaf had become a popular name for his ambitions.

The Irish Sea is situated between Ireland and Great Britain. In 1937 Ireland officially became a republic. Ireland becoming a republic was only possible after a new constitution was adopted and enforced. Ireland is considered very prosperous and it is a country of great wealth.

Between the years 1995-2007 Ireland became prosperous. This twelve year period in Ireland is now referred to as the “Celtic” period. However in 2008 Ireland seemed to suffer a significant financial crisis. After the 2008 crisis in Ireland it seems they once again recovered and they remain quite prosperous and in decent financial shape overall.

The system of Government in Ireland enabled them to nominate certain Government officials without any prior consent from the Irish Parliament. Which many people did not understand nor fully agree with for many obvious reasons.

The United Nations produces something called “The Human Development Index”. The Human Development Index refers to Ireland as one of the most developed countries in the world. Ireland is also a recognized member of the “Council of Europe”. Ireland also became a member of the “Partnership for Peace”.

In the early 1970’s Ireland willingly joined the European Economic Community. Joining the European Economic Community was a smart decision for the country. In 2007 the Lisbon Treaty was signed. It took some time however as of 2014 Ireland is in excellent economic shape and they remain a strong country in general.

Ian Leaf Ireland
Ian Leaf Ireland

The Western part of Ireland is quite scenic and consists of steep cliffs and large mountains. The rugged coastline of Ireland is quite beautiful and seems to continually draw tourists each year. Of course tourism keeps the economy of Ireland in good shape.

The climate in Ireland consists of frequent rainfall and it experiences some chilly and damp weather. However, in general Ireland does experience mild and pleasant temperatures for the majority of the year. Ireland is truly a beautiful place from a tourist standpoint. Most areas of Ireland are generally safe to travel and open to the public. However, like any country there are areas in which you need to exercise caution when traveling.

The natives of Ireland are said to be friendly and hospitable. In addition, they seem to be very welcoming of vacationers and tourists. Northern Ireland which for many years experienced great unrest has seemed to improve over the years. Relations with inhabitants of Northern Ireland are much improved in comparison to recent years.

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