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Ideamensch.com Interview with Ian Leaf

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My hard work has seemed to pay off! After busting countless scams, scammers, frauds and fraudsters, people begin to notice and give you recognition for it. Just to clarify, recognition isn’t at all what this blog is about. My blog serves the purpose of keeping the public informed of tricks and traps; it only takes one to ruin a life.

Around the middle of this year, I was called into an interview with ideamensch.com and I was highly excited, not to mention caught off guard completely as I didn’t expect this. I am a huge fan of ideamensch.com and I read their site on my lunch breaks occasionally simply because they are a genuine website with some fascinating people who have built dreams into reality or have overcame. It’s a really inspiring website that I’d recommend.


Ian Leaf People Caught Out By Scams

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Admit it, you’ve had a run it with some suspicious behavior before. According to Ian Leaf, at least 7 in 10 consumers have gotten caught up with what could be a “potentially fraudulent offer,” and some of those people, about 12%, actually fell for the evil scheme.

The other 88% says they have never reported the fraud activity most likely because they didn’t know who to report to or they were shy.

The type of prey fraudsters like are those who are elderly. The old and wise are 30% more likely to have fallen for a scam within the past 5 years and lost money than most people ranging from ages 25-40s.

Statistics show that while women are the main targets for schemes, men were targeted more so than women were depending on level of education and level of income.

Of course, we all know what the oldest trick in the book is. That’s right, the lottery trick. At some point, you or someone you know has gotten a random call saying that they are the winner of a random drawing or have won the lottery. It’s a trick that has been used for years.